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Christopher Chiavetta

I see my studio work as an investigation into materiality and the forces that drive it, color it, and shape it. I aim to create images that read as both microcosm and macrocosm, which can speak to the multilayered environment in which we are immersed—an environment that is a primordial and chaotic emergent system but at the same time manufactured, processed, and increasingly virtual. 

I began using abstraction because of its ability to evoke these various ideas simultaneously and leave the images open for interpretation, allowing the viewer to explore the space on their own terms. 

Recently my interests have taken a turn toward the speculative, and I am beginning to consider the world as an active space in which objects, substances, and possibly even information are capable of expressing a kind of vitalism with or without a human presence. Or, rather to say, I am beginning to explore the relationships between what we consider to be expression, information, thought, and material processes.

Now based in Des Moines, Chiavetta was born and raised in Rochester, New York. He attended the Boston School of the Museum of Fine Arts and graduated with a Film Studies degree from Georgia Sate University. He has lived in Boston, Atlanta, Honolulu and Nagoya, Japan. His work has been exhibited nationally. 

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Media: Mixed (Plaster, paste, iridescence, charcoal, fossils, crystals) on panel
Dimensions: 48 x 48
​Price: $3,000.00

Media: Oil on panel
Dimensions: 36 x 36
Price: $2,200.00

Media: Oil and acrylic on panel
Dimensions: 48 x 48
​Price: $3,000.00

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