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Jenny Kruger

"I spent the seven years of my life in Utah constructing robots and lighthouses from a box of junk I received one early childhood Christmas.  At age seven I was sent to school in Mexico, where I was taught manners by an aunt whose Belgian and Spanish parentage made her a misfit in Mexican society.  At age eight I lived aboard a sailboat, sailing the Atlantic coast of the United States in the company of my family, as well as Madonna’s Immaculate Collection and Dvorak’s New World Symphony.

The daughter of a Mexican mother and an Irishman, in a home defined by familiar sounds, tastes, and smells rather than location, my non-traditional upbringing makes me question the innate and environmental influences that compose the individual.  Unable to isolate a single defining location, event, or circumstance, I view each person as the sum of all events that shaped her character.

Each of us views our surroundings from the point of view of our experience.  The landscapes I paint are my perspective on mine.  When I see Nebraska, my current home, I see beauty, mystery, power, and wealth.  I feel awe and tremendous pride in calling Nebraska home.  Yet, it is from my vantage point as an outsider, an immigrant, that I observe my new home.  The landscapes I paint are artificial and fantastical, intended to seduce.  They are metaphors for my experience as a foreigner in a foreign land."

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Media: India ink on birch panel
Dimensions: 36 x 42
Price: $4,800.00

Media: India ink on birch panel
Dimensions: 30 x 42
Price: $4,200.00

Media: India ink on birch panel
Dimensions: 24 x 30
Price: $2,300.00

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