ONE PIECE: Sarah Grant
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ONE PIECE: Sarah Grant


We asked Sarah Grant to tell us more about one piece from the current exhibit. Read below for her response. 

Weirdly I like "Trapped".  So different for me to paint so organized... I was trained first as a drawer then a printmaker then a painter...for all the years I have painted I have let my affinity with PAPER be the surface I paint on....

Trapped, Oil on canvas, 14 x 14 inches

I have been afraid to try canvas as the bouncy surface and texture of the canvas are so foreign to me.....but I took the plunge after a move to a new studio and amazing things happened......the  process of how and when to layer changed.....the intensity of color changed....the timing of brush stroke and line changed....and the absolute square edge of the canvas instead of the organic nature of papers edge changed the composition of many of the works in this canvas series...all in all it was a blast to change it up...

Trapped, along with other pieces of Sarah's latest work on exhibit at Olson-Larsen. From where we sit, Sarah's foray into painting on canvas is a wonderful success.

You have a a little bit of time to see them on view here until the show closes on 1/23!




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