ONE PIECE: Eugenie Torgerson
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ONE PIECE: Eugenie Torgerson


It's true that that our current exhibit closes in 2 days, but that does NOT mean you don't still have a chance to come in a take a look. You certainly don't have to miss out on some really interesting background on Eugenie Torgerson's latest body of work.

Cause we've got that. Right here.

In her Cartographer's Notes series Eugenie Torgerson generates digital images which combine photographs of buildings, fires, fields, and the floor of the old school where she lives. This concrete surface is a map of sorts-- of floor tiles gone missing, spilled paint, children's footsteps, and the gravity of plain building materials.

Image of the floor Eugenie's of the schoolhouse home

She prints these images on paper or transfer films and works into them with pastel and acrylic. Next the sewing: using Japanese paper cords and bookbinding threads, she translates the image into a fragment of a map, the lost lines of a letter, a broken yet true memory.

BETTER LEFT BEHIND, Digital print on paper, acrylic, pastel, sewing, encaustic, 30 x 36

Into and over these marks and surfaces, she applies encaustic that builds up around and sometimes overcomes the images, the sewing, and the careful plan. 

Cartographer's Notes are destination, memory, work, and resolution brought to a stop and held for a moment. 

See more of Eugenie's work here. 

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