These Guys.
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These Guys.


    Here at Olson-Larsen we are consistently cognizant of how wonderful our artists are and recently, they've given us a lot to brag about...

Amy Worthen's gallery talk on May 17 was fabulous.
Using her copper plates as visual aids, Amy explained her processes and defined technical terms, as well as giving a historical narrative of her career as an artist and her relationship with the gallery.
Amy graciously answered questions from the audience, who I think wanted to keep her here all afternoon. It was truly fascinating and we thank everyone who attended. 
Olson-Larsen recently featured an exhibit of Michael Brangoccio's new body of work. The pieces were all, as usual, stunning. It just so happened that this guy was installed on the wall opposite my desk.
Needless to say, I developed a slight infatuation with him...."What is he THINKING?! What's the deal with the bubble? Is that even a bubble?", I'll spare you the whole thing, but you get the idea. 
The May/June issue of dsm Magazine features a great story about Michael and his work.  You can read it online here
And just how gorgeous are these images of Kim Hutchison and her home studio space?
 Gestalt Creatives is an online project by Karla Conrad focused on highlighting creatives in their spaces.
Take a look!
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