Studio Selfie: Larry Welo
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Studio Selfie: Larry Welo



Back here again with another installment of our Studio Selfie series. This time with Larry Welo, another artist featured in our current Annual Landscape Show. We asked him to share a few photos and some other tidbits about his workspace. Here's what he shared with us.

"I love spending time in the studio. It is a large space, and I spend much of each day running from one end to the other...also up and down the stairs.  I also spend a lot of time working outdoors. I want to have my subject before me, whether I am doing a painting or an etching.  I did my first etching in the early 1970s. I made my first painting (other than occasional dabbling) in 2012.  The transition to painting began as a 2012 new year's resolution to paint every day. It is one resolution that I have kept. 
My favorite time to be in the studio is when I don't need to be there.  I am relaxed then, and the way I look at my work changes.  It is like having a conversation (or critique might be a better word) with myself.  I try to see the merits in things that I have done and build off of the observations."  
Larry will be here at Olson-Larsen this coming Saturday the 26th, along with other featured landscape artists Gary Bowling and Barbara Fedeler. Join us at 1:00 pm for light snacks, wine and great conversation with these wonderful artists.
We hope to see you then!
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