Studio Selfie: Gary Bowling
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Studio Selfie: Gary Bowling


One last #studioselfie for the week! We wanted to be sure to feature all of the artists who are a part of our Gallery Talk tomorrow at 1:00 pm. We loved hearing this description of a day in the life of Gary Bowling. 

"I usually make the half minute walk from our house across our backyard to the studio early each morning and get myself oriented for the day's work. Mid-morning is usually break time with my wife, Linda.  We have coffee, might watch something we have recorded from TV, and catch up on the never ending office minutiae. Office work is the only thing I truly detest about my life as an artist and thankfully,  Linda manages most of it for us.  

I am usually back at work in the studio by noon, and seldom leave before 8:00 or 9:00.  I find that afternoon and evening hours present less distractions to my painting focus.  I actually have almost no sense of what time it is, nor what day it is ... one of the great perks of this artist's life, in my opinion.  When I am working on a particularly engaging piece, I often find myself working until 1 or 2 in the morning without realizing it."

Sounds wonderful! Can't wait to hear more tomorrow! See you then.

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