Studio Selfie: Bobbie McKibbin
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Studio Selfie: Bobbie McKibbin


It's a Friday edition of #studioselfie! Featuring Bobbie McKibbin, whose work will be up at the gallery for about 2 more weeks as part of our annual Landscape Show. Here's what she shared with us about her studio in beautiful Montana.

"I love my studio - everything about it!  I have large north-facing windows that give me wonderful light in which to work. All of the surfaces are easily cleaned from all the pastel dust. It has a nice 11' ceiling with plenty of wall space to hang works-in-progress and finished works and track lighting to light the work. 

I work on more than one image at a time, many times more than 8. I work all times of day and evening – no one time is a particular favorite.  As you can see from the photo my pastels and studio are quite clean. I finished a new body of work in the spring and am currently enjoying all our visitors and taking a bit of a break."

Thanks Bobbie!



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