They really are the best!
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They really are the best!

Here's a look at what some of our wonderful artists have been up to recently.
They've been all kinds of busy!
Lovely promo postcards!
An exhibition of Debra Smith's works titled SHIFTING TERRITORY just closed October 18th at the HAW/CONTEMPORARY in Kansas City. Here is a fabulous article about the show. Some of these works featured in SHIFTING TERRITORY will be on exhibit at Olson-Larsen beginning on
December 5.

Luther College in Decorah presented an exhibit of etchings by Larry Welo (Luther Alum!) titled AFTER AND BEFORE from September 5 - October 12. 

Coe College presented a retrospective of Cedar Rapids based John Beckelman's work from September 12 - October 5.  
Kim Hutchison's Assembled was on exhibit at Graceland College from August 25-September 19th. Kim discussed the work featured in an artists talk on September 19th. 
Kim Hutchison's installed works at Graceland College 
LANDFORMS: Drawings by Barbara Fedeler & Sculpture by Rick Knivsland opened September 6 and runs through November 23rd at the Hearst Center for the Arts in Cedar Falls.
Susan Chrysler White is part of a group show at Lehman College titled Source Material. Running from September 6 to January 10, 2015, the exhibit  examines the connection between the conceptual beginnings of a work of art and its finished form, focusing on ideas, processes, techniques, and materials.
In addition to having her work on exhibit at Olson-Larsen right now, Priscilla Steele's work was in an exhibit at the at the ICON gallery in Fairfield in a show called Dialog Human. The exhibit opened on September 5and closes on October 25.
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