Studio Selfie: Priscilla Steele
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Studio Selfie: Priscilla Steele


  We're back with another #studioselfie! Priscilla Steele's work is on exhibit at the gallery right now and will be here for a GALLERY TALK on November 15 at 1:00 pm We asked her to share some images and a little about her studio and she works best.

The habit of working while raising our three children has ever equipped me with a fondness for working while everyone else is sound asleep. There seems to be so much more potential in the pre-dawn darkness than in the bright light of day, or the exhaustion of the evening. This is also a time when I seem most receptive to poetic ideas-- or just an economical turn of phrase.

For instance, this morning's catch was: "the limits of loneliness", and last week it was a chance reading of Wendell Berry that provided me with the profound notion (and title) for a new suite of drawings in progress, "an art that heals is a geography of scars".

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