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Stuart Klipper


  Well hello. It’s been a little while since we’ve updated our blog. To make up for our updating inadequacies, we have wonderful things to share today. Stuart Klipper, MInneapolis based photographer has been involved in a fantastic project in Sweden, and the following is what he shared with us about it! The images seen here are some that were selected to be in the exhibit. 

“Twice during this just-over year I travelled to Sweden to work on a museum commission, once in February and again in June - for about two weeks time each go.

The commission is from a relatively newly-opened Swedish museum situated on a large island, Värmdö, about a half an hour east of Stockholm: ARTIPELAG.

Rendering of the ARTIPELAG's foyer. 

The work I was commissioned to make was done in conjunction with an exhibition (slated to open May 28) that Peter Galassi is guest-curating: LAND MÖTER VATTEN (LAND MEETING WATER). My work then was focused on the sundry regional aspects of that overall theme, to wit, the natural topography of the coastal reaches of that region of Sweden, Stockholms Archipelago (Skärgård). Alas, as much as I hankered to, I did not make it out to every one of its 25,000 + islands, rocks, and skerries.

My completed work will be presented essentially in the form of a installation mult-image piece distributed throughout many the museum's gallery spaces; the 16 selected prints will be very large in scale, just shy of 5' x 15' each.

As Peter's plan dictated, I was to work first under winter conditions, and then again in the summertime - indeed I was, happily, there for Sweden's paramount holiday, Midsommars Dag.

During the February foray the overcast and fog were unrelenting for the entire time I was there. But, I invariably do take the world as it presents itself to me, and I subsequently rose to the occasion and made a few score of pretty much color-monochromatic sfumato photos.

I fared somewhat better with weather in June; not only did I encounter many a balmy sun-filled day, the daylight hours went on and on, what with the sun rising at 3.30 AM and not setting until 10.30 PM. I in turn cranked a lot of film through my Technorama.

In addition my commissioned work being mounted throughout the museum, Peter will be including 10 of my photographs in the main body of the exhibition itself, one that he felt exemplified his overall theme; they are varied in their location ranging around the planet. These will be only a meagre 3' x 6'.”

Olson-Larsen is honored to work with such a talented photographer!


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