It's another...wait for it...STUDIO SELFIE!
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It's another...wait for it...STUDIO SELFIE!

Jeanine Coupe Ryding's works are featured in our current exhibit, FOUR PRINTMAKERS, which is on view until April 4th. Jeanine, along with the other artists featured in the exhibit, will be part of a gallery talk coming up on March 28th at 1:00 pm. 
Here's what Jeanine had to say when asked about time spent in her studio...
I am usually working, in my head. When I am teaching and surrounded by creative people, I am making mental notes on changes to things I am working on. I am thinking about projects as I walk, swim, do housework and shop for groceries.
Jeanine in her studio
The time spent in the studio is far less than the time spent thinking about, making notes on and preparing for actually working. Working in the studio is my way of being alone, of being curious, of seeking clarity. It is often confusing, uncomfortable and frustrating, but it is the way I choose to live.
Another shot of Jeanine
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