Studio Selfie: Susan Heggestad
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Studio Selfie: Susan Heggestad


Here's a Saturday edition of our Studio Selfies. Today we feature Susan Heggestad, invited artist in our current exhibit FOUR PRINTMAKERS. She will be part of our Gallery Talk on March 28th

I am lucky enough to have a studio in my home, in our finished attic space.  While I do wish it were a little bigger, it has wonderful light due to there being a skylight in the center.  Of course, it's wonderful to be up there during the height of the sunlight, but that is not always possible because of my work schedule, so I try to sneak in time up there whenever I can.  I often come up here to do some quiet reading, writing, even yoga, as well as to work on art.  

The perimeters of the studio are largely storage, because the shape of the room is odd - I can't stand up in all corners - but the center is just open enough for some flexibility in function. I tend to move things around depending on what I'm working on; pull out the ironing board and sewing table when I'm working on stitching projects, roll out the printing cart when I want to print (I have a small press that allows me to print up to 9x12"), stand at the work table when I'm working on collage, drawing, or small sculpture.  In general, I really love my studio, and wish I could spend more time up here!

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