Studio Selfie: Joel Elgin
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Studio Selfie: Joel Elgin


With the FOUR PRINTMAKERS gallery talk just about a week away, here's another Studio Selfie to entice your attendance!

Joel Elgin, along with the three other featured artists will be here at Olson-Larsen on Saturday, March 28th at 1:00 pm. 

Here's what Joel shared with us about his studio.

My studio has walls and no walls.

The prints I physically make are etched and printed within the walls of the University of Wisconsin LaCrosse printshop.

The content originates from ancient Irish myths and legends and my actual exploration of the related Irish sites. The images come from a place free of walls.

My walled printmaking studio is typically filled with the energy and noise of students who have become obsessed with the possibilities of printmaking. Their obsession leads to madness in the form of loud music and the emotional highs and lows of printmaking success and failure - both equally important in the learning of the art of making prints.

I enjoy teaching in this "good madness" but I need to etch and print alone, so the summer, or when school is not in session I start early each morning with strong coffee and Tom Waits music pouring from the stereo. At the end of each day I lock the doors but my mind continues its journey to Ireland; back to the studio with no walls. Though they are 3,500 miles from each other, and walled and without walls, the studios are one, in constant cycle, feeding each other, calling each other.

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