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Our current show is coming to a close, so we thought we'd better share these works from our ONE PIECE series. We asked both Gary Bowling and Christopher Chiavetta to choose one piece currently on display and dissect it for us, and you.

"Tourmaline,  is named after a colorful green and pink gem and references the process of mineralization as a metaphor for the emergence of new material within a landscape. With painting I am interested in thinking about the intersection and overlap between biological things and geological things, or between human made things and naturally occurring things. This painting explores some those ideas." - Christopher Chiavetta

"Winter Hay is a study in contrasts.  The contrasts include very proximate objects closing off space against a vision of open unencumbered distance; a division of abrasive dark cold against soft airy light; the subject of hay which I associate with the heat of summer and the dry of fall, but  clad in the less familiar cloak of winter's ice.  A close friend, upon seeing this piece in my studio, commented that, as a rancher, the painting reminded him of one of the things he disliked most about managing cattle in the winter.  I had never considered that ranchers might have to bust the ice off of hay bales in order to feed it to cattle." - Gary Bowling

Both of these, along with more work by each artist is on display in our current exhibit,

NEW WORK, which is on view through June 6th.


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