THE PROCESS: Mary Koenen Clausen
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THE PROCESS: Mary Koenen Clausen


Mary Koenen Clausen's captivating mixed media collages are on display at the gallery now through April 2nd. Below is her description of where her process began and what informs her artwork. 

LA VE VE, Mixed media, 30 x 23 inches

"Since childhood, I have had a lensing system that has permitted my access to a certain kind of knowledge.

At about five years of age I became a voluntary mute. This was in large part because when i started school I like all the others were expected to gain all kinds of skills that had to do with socialization, and memorization. I felt increasingly conflicted with what was coming at me from the outside world in sharp contrast to all the feelings and perceptions I was gaining from listening to my own inside world- thus the lensing system was born. I simply shut out what I felt took away from my ability to gain “internal knowledge”.

What became my filtering process has stayed with me through all of my experiences in life. It is the source of my art and my life. Art became a very significant idea and activity for me from about age three and continues into the present. I have allowed my perceptions to become refined, and with this and my internal creative drive I have developed a natural process of what determines my images, use of technique, choice of colors, and overall designs in my work. This process is what I choose to call knowledge gaining.

VOICES OF THE DAWN, Mixed media, 40 x 26 inches

The visual impact of my work can be experienced on many levels, depending on one’s individual readiness for receiving progressive levels of deeper and deeper internal feeling. The aesthetic ideal of my work is to nurture and ready the soul to wake up to a much larger reality. The functional ideal of my work is to house in a two dimensional format the designs necessary for one to access a new perspective from which to view larger and larger bodies of ideas and consciousness itself. It is my greatest pleasure to be able to help bring in new languages of “being” from worlds that we can only guess at today, but which will hopefully help expand our worlds of tomorrow."

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