ONE PIECE: Michael Brangoccio
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ONE PIECE: Michael Brangoccio


We asked Michael Brangoccio to share with us about a piece of his artwork in our current exhibit. This was his response. Personally, I love this piece even more than I did prior to reading this. Two more days before his work comes down. Get here and see this work in person. Soon.

Passion, desire, faith and belief are the most recurring themes in my artwork. In the painting “Waiting”, the stage is set for the drama between the red bird (desire) and the storming sea (passion). 

Waiting, Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 93 inches

Most of us live our lives in the hopes that someday we will have the ability to achieve our dreams repeating to ourselves “if only”. The waves endlessly break on the sea wall like a recurring dream in a surreal landscape while the bird, haven been given the gift of flight, only sits and watches.

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