ONE PIECE: Barbara Fedeler
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ONE PIECE: Barbara Fedeler


We are excited to share this issue of our ONE PIECE series with you.

Barbara Fedeler's work is on exhibit right now through the end of the month as part of our ANNUAL LANDSCAPE SHOW. Enjoy!

The hills and valleys of northeastern Iowa have been familiar since my childhood. Physical work and time outdoors defined agrarian culture and my understanding of plants and space. The landscape drawings integrate perceptions of beauty, physical movement of the hand, eye, and body, a tactile sensitivity to plants and nature, and idiosyncratic vision of pattern reduction.

South of Wadena

The landscape drawings begin with seeing - seeing light, dark, and middle tones, seeing the patterns of foliage, seeing the remnant dust or fog settling into the expanses of hills and valleys. The agricultural land, controlled in cultivation, planting, and harvesting contrasts the gestural, lesser touched land.

I document with photographs, planning a sequence of shots for the early morning or late-in-the-day when the directed light creates strong shadows and illuminates the volumes. The color photographs are stitched together to create black and white panoramic vistas. The specific places referenced are noted in the titles.

10/15, work in progress

11/15, work in progress

The drawing surface is Coventry Rag. Coates willow charcoal, a kneadable rubber eraser, and a blending stump are used for various textures, values, and surface alterations to create illusions of form in space. The additive charcoal and subtractive erasure techniques serve to sculpt the spaces and evoke the season.

The process, revealed in the October 2015 - January 2016 documentation of the drawing South of Wadena, unfolds in 20-30 hours spent in the studio. Gestural, light strokes note landmarks and spatial divisions, and varied tonal values define volumes and atmosphere. Working from upper left to lower right, I am able to control both the potential smear of the charcoal and the unfolding landscape presence.

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Hello Ms. Fedeler, I was very much interested in the EFFIGY MOUNDS NOVEMBER 17x48, as shown on the Olsen-Larsen web site. Is this the high point in the Mounds Nat'l park-or a little further south where the Wisconsin river joins the Mississippi? We too love this area and first saw the Effigy Mounds when my husband and I were students at ISU. We are now in our 70's and have not seen a rendering as lovely as yours of this area-quiet and calm like the day we first saw it. I will be contacting O-L Gallery on Tuesday morning when they open to purchase this piece. All the best, Margaret

Margaret Stull | | 10/21/2018 1:25 PM
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