ONE PIECE: Dan Mason
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ONE PIECE: Dan Mason


We asked Dan Mason to tell us more about one of the paintings that currently on exhibit, and he choose San Lucas Toliman V (my favorite!). Read the below for his response. Then come in and check out this, and all the other, wonderful pieces in NEW WORK

Caroline (my wife) and I have made three visits to San Lucas Toliman, on the banks of Lake Atitlan, in Guatemala. The trips are medical relief efforts.  Caroline is a family physician, and we would go to remote villages with an interpreter and a driver and set up a clinic for the day in the village. People were eager to see the doctor. 

The landscape is remarkably beautiful.  I was greatly impressed by the volcanoes that surrounded San Lucas.  They towered over the villages.  Seeing them I could understand why the people over time would identify personalities to the volcanoes, to see them as in some way alive.


San Lucas Toliman V, Oil on linen, 42 x 38 inches

In the mornings I would go out to look down at the village and see the morning light moving across the mountain, and the smoke rising from the cooking fires in the houses below.  The impressiveness of the volcanoes presence is what that this painting is about.  

When Caroline was seeing patients, I had art supplies for the children, who were eager to draw.  As all children do when they draw, they drew what was around them, what was most important.  Invariably, their drawings began with the volcanoes.

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