ONE PIECE: Joel Elgin
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ONE PIECE: Joel Elgin


Joel Elgin is one of our absolute favorite people on earth and we are so happy to share the Celtic legend that served as his inspiration for the series of prints that will be on view at Olson-Larsen until April 15. 

As a fine for killing the father of Lugh of the Long Hand, the commander of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the sons of Tuireann: Brian, Luchar and Lucharba are sentenced by Lugh to perform a series of seemingly impossible quests. 

Joel Elgin, Lucharba the First Son of Tuireann, Color intaglio, 18 x 24

The first task was to steal the heavily guarded, Three Apples From the Garden in the East of the World. The most beautiful apples of the world, the color of burned gold, with the power to ease the pain of wounds or sickness and to never diminish, despite being eaten.

The most clever of the brothers, Brian, changes them into beautiful hawks, and in that form they avoid the spears and arrows of the guardians and steal away the apples from the garden and finally escape the king’s three daughters, who in the shape of three ospreys, chase the hawks to the sea, heavily wounding the brothers with flashes of lightning.


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