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Our custom frame shop does a lot of reframing for clients.  We usually say that if something was framed more than 20 years ago, you should have it inspected, because more than likely the materials used were not conservation quality. Over time, acid burn damages the artwork and compromises not only the value of the piece, but alters the color and causes the materials to deteriorate. Plus, updating framing and matting is a great way to freshen up the look of artwork. 

This lovely watercolor came in today and we thought we'd share the process of getting it cleaned up.

The client wants to reuse the original frame, which was built by the artist, but get a new mat, backing and glass for the piece.  

The date on the piece is 1946 and Mark, our framing guru, estimated that it was framed not much later than that. We think the piece is actually in pretty good shape considering how long it's been in this frame!

We looked at some mat options, the green looks nice, but a clean neutral is always a good choice, maybe we can do both.  Decisions, decisions...stay tuned and we'll post some "After" images of this piece!

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