Hydrangea Variations
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Hydrangea Variations


We are so excited to share images of a new installation piece by Lee Emma Running.  Hydrangea Variations, at Grinnell Regional Medical Center has been 6 years in the making. After seeing her present at Grinnell College, where she is an Assistant Professor of Art, Lee was invited by the Center's CEO, Todd Linden to create a concept for this space in the Auxiliary Chemotherapy and Infusion Site.  Lee told us, "It's been such a neat process, I've been involved in all of the conversations and decisions about the space, from the flooring to the paint colors and furniture."

The piece is made from etched glass and Sintra, which is the same material as PVC pipes, but flattened to 1/16 of an inch thick. The Sintra was then heated with an iron and hand cut.  

Lee Emma Running, working on the installation

Lee also explained that used heat in another part of the process, "I heated parts of the Sintra and rolled it around cardboard tubes, I wanted to give the piece an illusion of always being in motion".  The pieces are adhered to the walls with drywall screws.

There is a reception celebrating the completion of the project this evening, August 30th from 4-7 and another on August 29th, from 5-7 pm.  

A detail of Hydrangea Varitions

More information and work by Lee on our website, and hers.





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