Welcome Fall!
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Welcome Fall!


We had a fantastic time last Friday at Fall Gallery Night, we saw lots of friends and some new faces.  Our current exhibit features new work by Sharon Booma, Karen Chesterman and Peter Feldstein.  

In addition to her canvases, there are smaller pieces on panel from Karen Chesterman, coincidentally, Sharon Booma also included pieces on panel along with her pieces on paper. 

Sharon Booma's oil and mixed media on panel pieces

Karen Chesterman's oil and wax on panel pieces

Peter Feldstein's works are from his series titled From this Circle, the drawings are derived from a single circle in the upper left hand corner of the first drawing, a grid of 289 circles. From it he repeatedly copied, added, subtracted, and transformed them.  
Peter Feldstein, 8-14-12-3, Inkjet print, 11 x 11 inches
Two arts events that you won't want to miss are on the horizon for the last weeks of October.  The Greater Des Moines Public Art Foundation will dedicate the new Jun Kaneko mural on October 28th
For its first exhibit, Transient Gallery features the work of Michael Kozien, there is an opening reception on October 26th at 7 pm.
Also, did you know that October is National Picture Framing Month? Well now you do. Read about Olson-Larsen's Custom Frame Shop here.  


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