What a difference a frame makes....
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What a difference a frame makes....


I think everyone can agree that a frame can transform the look of a piece of artwork, in this before and after, the change is subtle but remarkable.  The owner of this beautiful canvas by Gary Bowling wanted to keep it framed, but expose the edges, in the framing world that's called "floating".  She also wanted to add a little width but didn't want make the frame feel overpowering at all.

Original frame

So Mark our framing genius customized a frame that the client LOVED. Here it is all finished up. As you can see in the view from the side, it has added some width and the viewer can get a closer look, rather than being recessed and encased in the frame. You can see the entire painting without feeling like you're missing what's on the edges. Since this frame has sort of a tiered look, the width is there but it's more dimensional rather than being bulky and flat. It's a small change but really allows the artwork to shine!  We love these kind of projects and creating solutions that make clients happy and artwork look fabulous!

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