The Elephant (or Wild Boar) in the Room
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The Elephant (or Wild Boar) in the Room



Image from the Simplified Bee

Just for fun, we searched "animal artwork" on the internet, not surprisingly, the results were...well, they were varied in quality and subject. 

Precisely why the artwork of Michael Brangoccio thrills us so. The animal subjects in his work have so much personality and presence. The viewer just can't help but wonder what they're thinking, what they will do next. 

Michael Brangoccio, Dreamers, Acrylic on Canvas, 31 x 93 inches
This wild boar hanging opposite my desk has been looking at me sideways for over a month, he's also made his way into my heart.
I haven't gone so far as to give him a name - but if he came home with you, maybe you could!  Wouldn't he (she?!) look spectacular in a hallway, or on a mantel? 
Michael Brangoccio, Sotto Voce, Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 93 inches
We love these amazing interiors, the design and the artwork are fresh and surprising.
The scale, composition, and of course, the subject of the works, challenge, in a GOOD way, these spaces. 
And that's the whole point, right?
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